Excellent Quality Hay

£4.00 per Bale for Straw - in stock
£5.00 per Bale for Normal Meadow Hay - in stock
£7.00 per Bale for Soft Hay - in stock
£12.95 for shavings - in stock
£50.00 for quadrant size straw bales - in stock
Delivery and stacking included.
Available in loads of 50 - 200. Larger loads also available

Firewood Prices

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Woodshavings in Essex

We are a trusted supplier of woodshavings, soft and hardwood, useful as bedding for small animals, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, horses, and all small animals. For use in hutches, kennels and stables around your farm or for pets in your home.

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Woodshavings by Essex Farm Services