Excellent Quality Hay

£4.00 per Bale for Straw - in stock
£5.00 per Bale for Normal Meadow Hay - in stock
£7.00 per Bale for Soft Hay - in stock
£12.95 for shavings - in stock
£50.00 for quadrant size straw bales - in stock
Delivery and stacking included.
Available in loads of 50 - 200. Larger loads also available

Firewood Prices

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Seasoned Firewood in Essex

Supplied ready and waiting for use it has been seasoned, meaning it has been dried and stored properly and therefore will burn more efficiently and give out the maximum heat on your open fire or in a traditional log burner.

Firewood is cut to a length of approximately 8 inches.

Our firewood is sold at:

£7.50 per large bag.

Kindling large bag £7.50.

Firewood can be delivered locally.

Firewood also sold and delivered loose per cubic yard.

We now stock eco forest pro 24 firelighters to ease the starting of any indoor or outdoor fire lighting - subject to using the dried seasoned wood we offer.

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Seasoned Firewood by Essex Farm Services