Excellent Quality Hay

£4.00 per Bale for Straw - in stock
£5.00 per Bale for Normal Meadow Hay - in stock
£7.00 per Bale for Soft Hay - in stock
£12.95 for shavings - in stock
£50.00 for quadrant size straw bales - in stock
Delivery and stacking included.
Available in loads of 50 - 200. Larger loads also available

Firewood Prices

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Agricultural Contracting Services in Essex

Providing everything from a whole farm contract, organising and running your farm, or ploughing a field, to an individual service of perhaps supplying just one incredible state of the art piece of machinery, to help out at a harvest time.

We can supply all types of machinery, either on a short term basis, or for longer periods of time, from a basic trailer to a 25 ton excavator, all farm machinery, diggers, tractors and cultivators. We also send along a fully trained machinery operator, who will be fully knowledgable with the piece of machinery.

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